Isnin, Jun 16, 2014

What about...?

What two words describe you?

Unconditionally Loving

It's the kind of love that has no limitations. And it asks for nothing in return. You genuinely love people for who they are. For their true and honest selves. Raw and unfiltered, this magical love runs deep through you every waking moment of your life. And the people whom you give it to feel truly lucky to experience your love in their lives!

What is your spiritual power?

Your spiritual power is:


Your strength is the weakness of most humans. You are amazingly patient and your patience has made you a winner in life. You have brought more love, peace, and joy to the world because of your patience!

What were you born to do?

You were born to:

Win at Life

Throughout your entire life, you've overcome a lot of adversities and challenges that most people couldn't even imagine handling. There were some extremely tough moments where you thought you were just going to give up. But look at you now, you're still here, winning and impressing everyone else. Your enemies are practically silenced because they can't keep up with you anymore. You're the textbook definition of a "Winner" so keep conquering!

What do your eyes reveal about you?


Your mind works in the same way a visionary's mind does. You tend to see the future amazingly clearly in your head, and you possess rather excellent ideas of how to improve things you feel aren't optimal. You can excel at making and running your own things and the determination you have for your goals tends to be much higher than most humans.

What is your calling?

Your calling is:

Brilliant Thinker

You're wickedly smart, but you're a bit shy and your hobbies tend to be indoor ones. Even though you don't open up easily, you excel at everything once you do. Your brilliance only increases by the day!

What's your emotional IQ?


Your emotional intelligence score is between 100 and 110. You have an impressive balance of an analytical and emotional mind.

What type of person are you?


You love seeing changes in society and progress excites you. You aren't easily turned on by mainstream activities and the things you do always make people jealous. Your experiences and the memories you've had are to die for.

What ocean animal are you?


You have a mesmerizing persona and a lovely character. You have been sung about by many who were afraid to approach you. Your grace and charm is daunting to them, and they didn't get to see the inside. Inside you lies a thoughtful and compassionate soul that loves people. You love to help and support those who are less fortunate. You're truly a charitable spirit.

What car should you drive?

Rolls-Royce Phantom

We'll keep it simple. You're very sensible and authentic -- the furthest thing away from superficiality. You like to keep it honest and real. You find that being showy is ridiculous, so you care about what you need and what makes sense for you instead of what others might tell you so. You don't waste money on flashy things, rather you'd save them up to do something worthwhile and extremely rewarding. It'd be really fun to know what you're up to right now.

What dessert are you?

Ice Cream

Let's keep it simple. You're the dairy-based delight that we all maniacally scream for. The best frozen favorite of all!


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