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Cancer - Celina


June 21 - July 20


Cancer Quality:

Dreams play an important role for Cancerians and therefore expression of these is also vital often requiring psychological support in the most positive sense. The fourth phase of the journey of the Sun is experienced here, and of the young adult
evolving knowledge through emotional experiences. Cardinal-Cancer is receptive, sensitive and imaginative, sympathetic, kind, emotional and possesses an active,nuturing, mothering, humble, considerate, shrewd and intuitive mind.


Ruling Planet:

TheMoon-Earth's one satellite, which waxes and wanes and exerts a powerful magnetic influence. In astrology, the moon governs emotions and intuitive behavior.



The Crab-Possessing
an impenetrable exterior covering soft fleshes underneath. At the first sign of danger, it  withdrawals into it's shell and scuttles back to sea where it feels safe.


Dominant Keyword:

Cancer is a cardinal and negative water sign associated with the statements 'I feel', 'I protect', and 'I treasure loved ones and my home'.


Body Parts Ruled by Cancer:

The breast and stomach-Cancerians love to eat and have to fight overweight in later years. They are also subject to digestive ailments caused by tension and emotional stress.


Lucky Day:  Monday


Lucky Number:  2



Alexandrite, Moonstone, Pearl  



is Sea green and silver -

the shimmering colors of the water and the moon. Silvery blues, cream,smoky grey, white, iridescence and most pale colours.


Cancer is associated with Convolulus,Heather, Holly, Water Lily, Lily, Rose,all Rushes and white flowers. Cancer is further associated with all trees rich in sap, and also the Cedar, Hazel, Linden and the Oak.


:  Silver.



Cancer people  are susceptible  to accidents in the home. They are also prone toward becoming victims of theft.


MostLikeable Trait:


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